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Glass Display Series (ADS)

Glass Display Series (ADS)

Sushi Display

Sushi Display

Elegantly showcase your sushi with this contemporary-looking rectangular shaped glass showcase. Featuring a white LED strip lighting and a static cooling refrigeration system, this glass case delivers visually the freshness of your sushi while boasting superior temperature control.

Product Features

  • Contemporary rectangular shaped double layer ultra clear glass case with heating film showcase
  • Stainless steel frameless, single layer, ultra clear glass showcase
  • 45 degree angled
  • Warm white LED strip lighting
  • All visible bends are V-cut
  • Glass sliding doors with stainless steel frame on the operator's side
  • Static cooling refrigeration system prevents drying out of the products
  • Remote refrigeration system with maximum 8 meters pipe length connection
  • Drain connection is required
  • Digital controller for easy operation and fail-safe performance, featuring clear digital display
  • 220v/50Hz


  • Different colors and finishes
  • Double layer toughened glass
  • Optional double layer glasses with heated film sliding doors
  • 220v/60Hz

Model Temp Range (℃) External Dimension (mm)
Width * Depth * Height
1200-S-C3 +2 ~ +8 1200 * 350 * 350
1500-S-C3 +2 ~ +8 1500 * 350 * 350
1800-S-C3 +2 ~ +8 1800 * 350 * 350

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